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What Do We Really Know About the Female Orgasm?

by Don on December 14th, 2012
in General Wellness, Sex

The religion of orgasm: utilitarianism projected into sex life; efficiency versus indolence; coition reduced to an obstacle to be got past as quickly as possible in order to reach an ecstatic explosion, the only true goal of love-making and of the unive… more »

A REAL Wellness Take On Weinergate

by Don on June 9th, 2011
in Politics, Sex

A surprising consensus has developed among the nation's media about the most important question of our time. It is not what I would have guessed. It is not how to control the spread of nuclear weapons, create jobs, grow the economy, lower the deficit or… more »

What Tiger Woods Should Have Said Instead of Being Pathetic

by Don on February 20th, 2010
in Sex

Tiger Woods should have said nothing.  At least not to the press and certainly not to anyone not directly affected by his affairs, such as his wife and, in a much lesser sense, his sponsors. But, since tens of millions of people seem not to have suffi… more »

Why America Should Support A Gay Agenda To Help China Resolve An Unprecedented Demographic Crisis

by Don on June 7th, 2009
in Sex

If we read in the annals of China that several thousand years ago, five thousand people were fed on one sandwich, and that several sandwiches were left over after the feast, there are few intelligent men who would credit the statement. But many intellige… more »

Sex And Vegetarianism: Is PETA Pulling Our Chain Or What?

by Don on January 31st, 2009
in Sex

Do you think vegetarians have better sex than carnivores?  What if they did?  Would that be sufficient reason to give up steak, hamburger and pork, not to mention shrimp, scallop, lobster and every manner of creature that slithers, grazes, bounds or swim… more »

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